Friday, October 22, 2010

Beautiful Baby Bedding

I know it took me long enough-but I decided on this classic linen baby bedding.  I love the look and feel linen brings to a room.  Not to mention I can see myself using this with more babies to come and even passing it on to a daughter one day :)!  I think it has a sort of timeless look.

I was really inspired by neutral nurseries and adding touches of color through accents like art and a creative mobile.  I am actually working on that and will post pictures soon ;)  Can't wait for the finished bedding to arrive-I will be sure to post finished nursery pics then.


This is made by Debbie Park and she can be found on etsy(  She does beautiful work and if you do not find what you are looking for she will customize it.  I asked for this bedding but with longer and widerbumper ties so I can tie the bumper on with large bows.  I am a sothern girl and love me some bows!  She can also do this in a soft pink, blue or white linen.


Kirby said...

Your pictures wouldn't come through, but I am sure it is beautiful! I love linen and big bows, too! :)

mkelton24 said...

thanks Kirby- I think I fixed the photos!