Friday, July 22, 2011

Fool Proof Mantel Decor

So, I change my mantel decor ALL the time.  But I have a few basics I tend to go by when decorating it.  It is sort of a guide that helps.  I actually saw it in a magazie a while back and whenever I follow it, my mantel looks fab.

1. Choose something large for the main focus and center it above the mantle.  A large mirror, painting or picture works well.

2. Next you layer in a smaller piece of art or photography in front of the mirror.  I choose a vintage linen that I framed. ( I love cheap DIY art projects ;)

3. To the left of the smaller picture, place something with a little height.  I typically use candle holders here, they add heighy, warmth and really ancor everything else going on.

4.on the right side of the main center piece-add something with height,movement and wimsy.  For this, I love branches, flowers, leaves-any old stick from the yard in a pretty vase, glass or jar will do!

5. Then you can add items that sort of "finish it off."  Books and boxes are great.  I added a small group of old books of poems, topped off with a porcalin flower candles holder.

My last bit of advise is to step back and look as you place the items and adjust as needed. 
After stepping back and looking-I had one more candle holder and decided the right side needed it. 

   I swear this is fool proof!  Happy deocorating!

Friday, July 8, 2011

French Knot Throw Pillows

French Knot Project

I have been wanting to try my hand at this for some time.  I have seen some pretty cool french knot projects out there. 

I decided to start simple and cheap.  I am using a pottery barn pillow I am currently not using anywhere and some yarn and had left over from another project.  I did purchase a set of needlepoint needles from good old walmart.  You will need the largest one for this project.

 I pencil out my pattern on the pillow and then start french knotting away.

Start by threading the needle and knotting it off at the bottom.

Tie a knot

Pull the needle back through the knot

then move on the the next!

This is really quick and easy.  I think this gives a simple pillow such great impact. 

This project was so simple I think I sew a few more french knot projects in my future.

I am eager to try new patterns.  I highly recommend giving this a shot-don't be scared-it's sooo easy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kids Room Art

So I promised myself this was not going to turn into a baby blog-but it is currently not much of a blog at all.  All of my time has been occupied by this little cuttie!

Come on, admit it, she is pretty stinkin cute!

Well, I am making a promise not to turn this into a baby blog, however, there may be a few baby/house projects that make it on here...

Which bring us to this post.

Kids room art! 

I love looking up fun and fab kids room art.  Etsy is a great source for this.  The following are a few of my favs. 

This little guy is made with tissue paper
What a great idea!

I think these turtles would be a-dor-a-ble in a little boys room. 

This is a simple painted canvas with scrapbook paper flowers!

And this is where my inspiration came from.  I LOVE owls!  I thought it would be something cute in my little ones room that could grow with her.

And here is my take.

Cute, huh! 

I started by painting the canvas with an all over color.  I then made is a little more fun by bringing in a few others colors and through the use of water-made it look drippy.   After painting a little limb-I simply glue on the scrapbook paper owl! 


Friday, April 29, 2011

Working with a small bathroom

Wel hello world, remember me? I think I am starting to get the mommy thing down and I am now getting back to blogging and handy house projects.  I am working on my bathroom this weekend and will be posting pictures a little later. Let's talk about working in small bathrooms.

Working in any small space it is about tricking the eye, and a bathroom is no different!

1- Raise the bar!

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest thing to do, is raise your shower curtain.  You can opt to buy extra long shower curtains-but I didn't want to spend the extra money. I simply used our existing shower curtain and added a little extra somethin-somethin to the top(will post later).  Another fab option is burlap!  Gotta love some burlap!  Super cute, cheap and you do not even have to sew -simply use fabric glue to add a trim.


I think simplicity is good in general-but it is especially important in small spaces.  It is important to de clutter the room.  Clutter does nothing but make the space feel even smaller. Step back and look at it and see if you can do with out something.  For more personal items, sotre them in baskets, or hidden away in drawers.  This is a bathroom and yes we may all have many of the same personal items, but that doesn't mean we want to see them!


Contrary to what you may think-you do not HAVE to do a light color in a small room.  I however, prefer it!  But then again, my whole house has a pretty light color pallet.  I think soft, soothing colors are the way to go in a bathroom anyway, but it can also help give the illusion of more space.  You can always add color and interst to the room with hand towels, curtains and small accessories-that can be easily changed out.

I love the airy feel blue bring to this room.

And what a serene green!

4-  Lighten Up!

Change out an outdated light fixture and simply open the blinds. For all you peeping tom's, I typically keep my shades open during the day.  I love the natural light in the room and it is the best light for make up applications anyway!

5- Mirrors

Mirrors are actually another great way to add light into the room.  A mirror can bounce around the exsisting light in your space.  If you have a mirror that is glued to your wall-please replace it with a mirror with a little more interest-or at least frame it out.  You can easily frame a mirror that is glued to the wall with inexpensive materials from your home improvement store.  Have a large cheap mirror, layers mirrors for an interesting, more unique look!