Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flea Market Finds

So I have been hitting up the flea markets on the look out for a couple of items for the nursury-
although I didnt find the nursury items I was looking
for-I did score a couple of great finds.

This large old lamp was only 6 dollars!  It is the perfect color for our master bedroom.  It matches our duvet and euro shams perfectly!

It did need a new lamp shade so I went to target and found this great textured lampshade-it had a little dent so I got it 10% off....
and the dent doesn'tt even show!

I also got 4 of these great plates-$3 a piece but they were worth it!  

Master bedroom still needs loads of work-but today was sucessfull in getting me a little closer in the process. 

Painting while pregnant...

Did you know that 99.9% of paints sold is toxic and carcinogenic. Most of the nasty chemicals in paint are not mandatory to disclose according to the law.

Well Mythic Paint is a great small company that is safe for people, earth and pets.  My top concern right now...pregnant women!  I have been painting WHILE PREGNANT! 

Interested in knowing more...
click here for a quick video about Mythic paint and what makes it different from any other paint!

Mythic has a great website that tells you all about the paint, colors and other cool stuff

go ahead...check out there website..j.ust promise to come back to mine when you are done browsing.

Unfortunatly, the other paint companies that advertise no VOC(Volitile Organic Compounds) add all the chemicals when they add the colorant. 

Mythic goes on great and has SO many colors to choose from.  If there is not a store near you, no fear, they will ship anywhere and match ANY color.

I am determined to get this house ready before baby comes...because what doesn't get done before...will likely never get done!  So I will be painting for the next several months with peace of mind.

We only use Mythic paint in our home and feel so much better knowing that we are not painting chemical on our baby's room walls.

Hop on the green and smart train people-give mythic a try!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

laundry room ideas

When we moved into our home in December, the washer was in the kitchen and the dryer was just off the kitchen in a little walkway.  I had big plans of turning the walkway into a laundry room.  We had the plumbing done and our new front load washer and dryer were just delievered. 

Our plans are to make a counter (possibly from plywood) for over the washer and dryer.  A little fabric curatin, and we will be in business.

more pictures to come soon....hopefully!

Monday, June 7, 2010

reason for my recent blogging abscence....

Well, we had a little surprise this Easter!

Actually, it was just before easter but I had purchased a few things for the hubbs and myself for Easter.  We do not typically do Easter baskets, but there were just a few things we had each been wanting-so I just grabbed them up and put them in some baskets I already had.

The hubbs loved his new golf shirt but what else is in there?  Hidding underneath his shirt was a pregnancy test...

I think his look says it all! We had no idea...SURPRISE!

It is a few more weeks until we can find out our baby's gender...but we are hoping we can just hold out.

With that in mind, I love gender nuetral rooms.

This is one of my favorites. 

We have a few odd angles in what will be our baby's room.  I am think about the chair rail and the ceiling we will go with a creamy white from Mythic Paint that we have previously used in our house.  Below the chair, a light to dark brown.

Restoration Hardware Baby also has some Beautiful things as well.  I feel the neutrals are just so calming.

Come on, how sweet is that bassinett!?!?

I have found some lovely fabric and plan on making the neutral baby bedding myself...
....which I have not started yet!