Sunday, April 25, 2010

From Drab to Almost Fab

With all of this nice weather we have been getting, our focus has be turned to the outside of our home. 

I wanted a place we could sit and soak up a little summer sun-so we took these aderondack chairs and made a small sitting area.  All I purchased was the outdoor throw pillows and a can of green spray paint.  I love the festive flowers and fresh lavender next to the chairs!

We replaced the old lead paint peeling shutters with new ones.  I could not believe the difference black shutters instantly made on this house.  I guess the previous bland green looked so washed out and the black really contrasts the brick and complements the dark roof. 

Next on the list was removing the old rotting shutter door.  Once we had this bad boy off we focused some much needed attention on the original front door.  It had been painted so many times and was all bumby, so we started scraping, and scraping and pressure washing and there is still more scraping to be done!

My dad was a trouper-to begin with he was trying to be careful and not get any paint and water on him, but then he got into it and before we knew it, he was covered in paint and drenched from the water!  He really loves getting dirty with a good project on our house- can't you tell?!?

I pressure washed and painted the front steps, planted some of my favs in black planters, and added a huge front door mat with our initial.

We have this beautiful OLD oak in the front yard but unfortunatly it casts shadows on the front lawn and there are patches where grass does not grow well.  We decided to plant a few small shurbs and fill it in with pinestraw for a "natural area."

My mom got us this adorable birdhouse and it has found a home in the red maple out front.  The birds and I thank you mom! 


Now if only school was out then I could enjoy our outdoor areas a little more! 

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Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I gave my mom a set of adirondak chairs just like that. She lives on a pond and they fit the setting perfectly. When they faded she stained them a darker color. I could see yours painted a bright color to coordinate with your little green table.