Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is in the air

After I got my GREAT pub table, I became inspired and have been working on my kitchen
 like a crazy women

Notice the lack of a back spash- yeah, that is driving me crazy!  The hubs is really excited to tackle the tile, but he just does not have the time right now.  You see, it is baseball season and as a coach, he lives at the field!  So the backsplash will have to wait another month or so until the season comes to a close.

I am thinking white subway tiles-they are so classic and really never go out of style. 

The breakfast area has also come a loooong way from when we first purchased our home

and here is our new breakfast area as of today...there are still a few loose ends to tie up

I just love the calm green Mythic paint we used in the kitchen- it is really like a breathe of fresh air.  My mother had some extra of the textured green fabric and it is perfect for the old shutters.  The simply love the way the sun comes through them slightly really showing off their texture.  

I still need to finish up with the fabric in the shutters this weekend and I also plan on recovering the chairs with the same green fabric.

I purchased the frames because of their basic clean lines-every room needs a touch of black and here is mine.  I have been saving  an old calendar for years because I knew these flowers would look great in frames- I just never got around to using them.  I simply cut them out and layered them with a couple pieces or card stock.  I am so pleased with the way these turned out-not to mention the whole project cost me less than 25 dollars!

I purchased a yard of a happy little paisley print in shades of blue and green to add a little more color to the kitchen. 

It only took 1 yard at $8 to make three of thess cute little guys.

Added some decorative trim and we are all set. 

It is amazing how color can effect you.  I find myself wanting to go into the kirchen to look!  Something about the playfulness of the fabrics, the paint color and all my glasses and dishes on display...makes me happy!


Amanda said...

it looks b-e-a-utiful! what a lovely job you've done you little busy bee.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I love paisley fabric. The window treatment looks great (as does everything you've done!)

The Hills said...

The kitchen cabinets look great! And, I love the paisley print shades...SO cute!