Saturday, February 4, 2012

Book Bundles

I have had a few people ask me about cheap display items for shelves.  I LOVE to go thrifting for display items on the cheap.  One of the cheapest and chicest things I can think or are book bundles.  These are uber popular right now.

Pottery Barn sells these little bundles for like $25 a piece I think.

Restoration Hardware sells these for $49 a piece and they have been sold out!  Crazy, right!  I hope none of my readers actually bought these, because they are sooo easy to make yourself. 

I have some books that I am no longer reading anymore and my librarian mother in law would kill me for doing this for the sake of decor!  Yes, I tore off the spines of my old high school pleasure reading books! 

You can also go to a thrift store, antique mall, goodwill and get the cheapest books for like .25- 1.00  and recreate this same look.

I have a big roll of hemp that I like to tie them off with.  Some look cute with ribbon.  I am all about using what you have!  Happy Bundling!

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Andie said...

The Bradshaw Library Annex (the little white house behind the library) sells books for .25 on up. I have bought MANY books there to fill empty shelves :)