Monday, March 5, 2012

Kids work space

So, My little one is on the move and sometimes I need her to hang in the kitchen while I am cooking or cleaning.  So I made this little corner her own! I obviously tidied it up a bit after she went to bed for the purpose of this picture.

I brought the table downstairs from her room(she never used it in there).  Then there is this great post I found while browsing pinterest and I sort of made it my own.  You should check out her blog and info thought, super cute!

The drip pan she used was just tooo big for the little space I was working with.  I went to the store and had it hanging out of my buggy and just couldn't check out with it.  Way too big!

So I headed over to the dollar store and picked up 4 cookie sheets.  The flash cards were extras and the alphabet magnets were a gift.  So this cute little station coast me a grand total of $4.  She loves that she has her own space in there and it keeps her occupied while I put up groceries, prep my food and cook! Plus it is a perfect spot to share a cup of tea with my little one!


The Hills said...

Super cute, Mere! I wish I had a little nook in my kitchen to make for Tristan...he loves to be in there with me, but is always under my feet ;-)

Kelli Morton said...

This looks great!