Friday, July 22, 2011

Fool Proof Mantel Decor

So, I change my mantel decor ALL the time.  But I have a few basics I tend to go by when decorating it.  It is sort of a guide that helps.  I actually saw it in a magazie a while back and whenever I follow it, my mantel looks fab.

1. Choose something large for the main focus and center it above the mantle.  A large mirror, painting or picture works well.

2. Next you layer in a smaller piece of art or photography in front of the mirror.  I choose a vintage linen that I framed. ( I love cheap DIY art projects ;)

3. To the left of the smaller picture, place something with a little height.  I typically use candle holders here, they add heighy, warmth and really ancor everything else going on.

4.on the right side of the main center piece-add something with height,movement and wimsy.  For this, I love branches, flowers, leaves-any old stick from the yard in a pretty vase, glass or jar will do!

5. Then you can add items that sort of "finish it off."  Books and boxes are great.  I added a small group of old books of poems, topped off with a porcalin flower candles holder.

My last bit of advise is to step back and look as you place the items and adjust as needed. 
After stepping back and looking-I had one more candle holder and decided the right side needed it. 

   I swear this is fool proof!  Happy deocorating!

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Ashlee said...

Looks great Meredith! If we can ever sell our house, maybe we will have a mantle to decorate ;)