Friday, April 29, 2011

Working with a small bathroom

Wel hello world, remember me? I think I am starting to get the mommy thing down and I am now getting back to blogging and handy house projects.  I am working on my bathroom this weekend and will be posting pictures a little later. Let's talk about working in small bathrooms.

Working in any small space it is about tricking the eye, and a bathroom is no different!

1- Raise the bar!

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest thing to do, is raise your shower curtain.  You can opt to buy extra long shower curtains-but I didn't want to spend the extra money. I simply used our existing shower curtain and added a little extra somethin-somethin to the top(will post later).  Another fab option is burlap!  Gotta love some burlap!  Super cute, cheap and you do not even have to sew -simply use fabric glue to add a trim.


I think simplicity is good in general-but it is especially important in small spaces.  It is important to de clutter the room.  Clutter does nothing but make the space feel even smaller. Step back and look at it and see if you can do with out something.  For more personal items, sotre them in baskets, or hidden away in drawers.  This is a bathroom and yes we may all have many of the same personal items, but that doesn't mean we want to see them!


Contrary to what you may think-you do not HAVE to do a light color in a small room.  I however, prefer it!  But then again, my whole house has a pretty light color pallet.  I think soft, soothing colors are the way to go in a bathroom anyway, but it can also help give the illusion of more space.  You can always add color and interst to the room with hand towels, curtains and small accessories-that can be easily changed out.

I love the airy feel blue bring to this room.

And what a serene green!

4-  Lighten Up!

Change out an outdated light fixture and simply open the blinds. For all you peeping tom's, I typically keep my shades open during the day.  I love the natural light in the room and it is the best light for make up applications anyway!

5- Mirrors

Mirrors are actually another great way to add light into the room.  A mirror can bounce around the exsisting light in your space.  If you have a mirror that is glued to your wall-please replace it with a mirror with a little more interest-or at least frame it out.  You can easily frame a mirror that is glued to the wall with inexpensive materials from your home improvement store.  Have a large cheap mirror, layers mirrors for an interesting, more unique look!


The Hills said...

Glad you're back! Great and fun post!

Andie said...

Lovely post! All good ideas!