Sunday, June 27, 2010

Painting while pregnant...

Did you know that 99.9% of paints sold is toxic and carcinogenic. Most of the nasty chemicals in paint are not mandatory to disclose according to the law.

Well Mythic Paint is a great small company that is safe for people, earth and pets.  My top concern right now...pregnant women!  I have been painting WHILE PREGNANT! 

Interested in knowing more...
click here for a quick video about Mythic paint and what makes it different from any other paint!

Mythic has a great website that tells you all about the paint, colors and other cool stuff

go ahead...check out there website..j.ust promise to come back to mine when you are done browsing.

Unfortunatly, the other paint companies that advertise no VOC(Volitile Organic Compounds) add all the chemicals when they add the colorant. 

Mythic goes on great and has SO many colors to choose from.  If there is not a store near you, no fear, they will ship anywhere and match ANY color.

I am determined to get this house ready before baby comes...because what doesn't get done before...will likely never get done!  So I will be painting for the next several months with peace of mind.

We only use Mythic paint in our home and feel so much better knowing that we are not painting chemical on our baby's room walls.

Hop on the green and smart train people-give mythic a try!

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