Thursday, December 17, 2009


The hubs and I are officially done with finals(insert cheers) and we have been working away on the house so that we can get moved in before Christmas!  With finals and all this work on the house, I think I am going crazy because this morning I woke up and there was a 30 year old man in my bed!  heheh!  Today is D's 30th birthday.  Everyone keeps asking him if he is going to have a break down- he views it a little differently and I LOVE IT.  he says think how great the next ten years will be.  We will graduate from college(finally), have children, new jobs, possibly move(again, I do not even want to think about that) and fix up another house. man is 30 today and loving it.  Thought I would share!

Lots-o-changes are taking place in this little old cottage that we are super excited about!

The guest room is coming along nicely. Actaully, the hubs and I are tempted to just crash here until our room is all situated!

I grouped a couple of books on the bedside table. The blue book in the middle is entitled "How to Play Big League Baseball." This just cracks me up because the hubs played pro baseball for 9 years! If only we had found this book then..hehehe! Inside it is stamped"discard" in red! The sweet little teacup and saucer were the previous homeowners. She had an estate sale and we purchased a few little thing.

So the little pillow in the front is too pretty for pictures! It is hard to tell the fabric and all from this shot with my phone-but it has the original price tag of 175.00 on it and I got it for, wait for it- $19.00 I just love TJMaxx. Great source for pillows!

The guest bathroom is nearly complete-The shutter door was a chore to paint but love the way it turned out. I also spray painted the doorknobs for this room guys. I know I know-My husband says I will paint ANYTHING-but one side of the door was silver and the other gold. This is not a girl scout song people. I had a can of brown spay paint and if it turned out badly, oh well- I can just buy new ones! I am telling you it turned out so great-My husband will never doubt me again. It is tempting to want to glob it on there- but it turns out best with several light coats and be sure the screws get painted also.

The corian countertops went in and I am in L-O-V-E with these guys!

I picked out this Price Pfister great faucet!  I love its curved neck but there is not too much going on!  I am a pretty simple girl and do not like too much of a fuss!  I actually had it instaled without the soap pump- I mean lets be honest those are more difficult than they are helpful!

We went ahead and had a more cabinets built to install over the stove.  Once everything is painted a nice creamy white, these guys will all blend in together.  This is the future home of the built in microwave, but we are waiting on a new electrical outlet.

Hello new plumbing!  Yes, we updated the last of the plumbing and have been staring at its gaping holes for what seems like months now-those bad boys are being patched as we speak!  Yippee!

All the doors came off and everything got a good coat of primer!  What fun that was!  I swear I had paint in my hair for two days.

humm..what are your thoughts on open cabinets?  I like the way it opens up the room-just the cabinets on either side of sink/window?


So this is currently the foyer-this could change(hehe I am really bad about changing stuff around).  I have always loved this piece.  It is my grandmothers.  It is in necent shape, but the fabric where the speaker is, is picked up(thanks to a speacial little kitty-cat).  I would love to get in there and look around and see what can be done about this.  Considering it is no longer used as a speaker, I would put any type of fabric there. Any ideas on how this can be done...please send them my way!!


Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Things are coming along nicely. I love the way your guest room looks!

Congratulations on finishing your finals. I remember how good that feels. And happy birthday to your man!

Amanda said...

Where oh where should I begin?!?! Everything looks so good! Really! I would love to be a guest in that room. That headboard is divine! Love the kitchen faucet you chose. I actually really like the way the cabinets look with no doors. If the interior of our cabinets were white, instead of "faux oak?" I'd do that for sure. Maybe little lights that hang over the top to illuminate your pretty dishes? Ikea sells some I can refer you to if you're interested. You mentioned in your email you're painting spindles this weekend... good.luck.dear. I only got through the bottom half of our staircase and due to all the painting I'd already done (i.e. an entire house fill of trim and baseboards) and the knots in my neck that caused, plus time restrictions since our little man was away for the week with grandma and grandpa while we ripped up floors and were covered in paint it seemed, I hired painter for the top section. Drop cloths and spray paint may work better. :)

Your cottage is coming along nicely. I know what work it can be and trust me... many of use feel your pain, but it's worth it.

Happy 30th to your hubby! Enjoy your weekend!

The Hills said...

Wow! You guys have really been working hard! I definitely like the cabinets with no doors by the window in the kitchen! And, Happy 30th to David!

Katie said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! We are also working on a fixer-upper and I love seeing how other people do things! ;)

Destination Seaborn said...

Your house is really coming along! I'm so excited for you! Everything looks beautiful. I love that pillow...simply beautiful! Can't wait to see more. Happy Holidays! ~Lisa

Amanda said...

Hi lovely. Missing you in blogland and hoping everything is going well and you're enjoying the new year. I emailed you about the wine stopper giveaway and am afraid maybe it got lost in spam? I've not received it yet and just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. :)

Happy New Year!

Mary Grace said...

Meredith! Looks great!! Is that the dancing deer color on the shutter door?