Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just in time for Christmas

The house is coming along and it looks like we will move in .....

Just in time for Christmas!

We are still painting this house guys!  Oh my I am 'bout tired of painting!

Mythic has worked like a charm!  The stairs were previously covered in ugly old carpet.  After we pulled up carpet we had the wood refinished, but the painted part looked awful.  They went from bad to good in just a couple coats of Mythic.

Man I feel like we have been painting forrreeevvverr.  You have to keep things lively. SOoooo I dunked my hand in the paint and tapped David on the bum!  These are his "work jeans" and at first he did not think it was funny!  I can just see him now cutting the grass in his "work jeans" with my hand print on his bum.  hehehe

The bedroom has come a long way, yet still has more to be done.  This room really needed a lot of work on the sheetrock seams and setteling cracks, which means there is sanding.  Then we moved on to priming and should get this bad boy painted next week(do not hold me to that though)!


Lauren said...

Y'all have been working hard! I love painting but after how long y'all have been doing it, I would have to quit! Great job!!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Your new home has such great architectural details. How exciting that you could be in for the holidays. I'm sure you are looking forward to it. Maybe you can buy your husband a new pair of jeans for Christmas!