Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rewiring, check! Floors, in process!

Our 1949 fixer-upper is in Valley, Alabama, or an area better known by the locals as Langdale. The home is on a great quiet street that my mother actually grew up on. As the old saying goes, buy the worst house on the best street possible....well, that is exactly what we did!This house really needs a lot of work, but the street and location are simply perfect for us.
I know the original owner, so we were able to score a lot of great old photos of the home. It was one of the first homes built in the subdivision and in it's day it was a looker! We hope to bring it back to it's former glory, with a few updates.

We have already begun this updating process. The first on our list....the wiring! Wow! We have a few holes in the walls and ceilings, but we did a complete rewire with new light fixtures inside and out! After seeing the old brittle wiring, I am amazed there was never a fire! Yikes! Well, with one big task behind us, we have already moved on to the next, the floors!

Before: sellers furniture and old carpet!

I think this will make a huge difference in the home. There was dirty old carpet down and when we pulled it up it exposed beautiful oak hardwoods. Well, they were not quite beautiful...But they are well on there way! They have been sanded and the first coat of poly is down. Two more to go!

After: clean canvas to start working with


Lauren said...

Hello friend! I saw on facebook where y'all have a blog now! I'll be following you. We have a fixer-upper too and it's fun to see what others are doing to theirs.

mkelton24 said...

It is a great, yet old house! We have already done a lot, but there is still much to be done! We will probably not be moving in for a another few weeks. Maybe it will be in shape for a visit this fall for an AU game.