Thursday, November 12, 2009

MYTHIC PAINT~Legendary Performance!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy~ Today was like Christmas. 

After waiting around for my craigslist shopper to meet me to look at some items I am selling, I came home, diasapointed because she was a no show and found four huge boxes on my front porch.  Immediately I thought, what have I bought now.  Humm...Maybe something for Christmas?  Then I noticed the boxes had tape that said! I ran inside to get a pair of scissors and began ripping open the boxes.(okay, so  I didn't exactly rip them open, because we need them for moving ;)   Anywhoo...Back to the point, I had 15 gallons of paint on my front porch!!! Guess what we will be doing this weekend!  Yup!  I will be sure to take Lots-o-photos!  We are having a pizza painting party!  Come on by if you are in the area. I will have a slice of pizza and an extra paint brush waiting on ya! 

Bella is even interested in the paint!  Mythic is Safe for people, pets and the planet!
I picked out some great Mythic colors- be sure to check back after the painting party!

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